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Some Stats (Downloads&Ranks)

OK,so some basic results from the first day at the store (Sunday): There were somewhat over 400 downloads, from that most were from US – around 250 I think, and … Continue reading

November 19, 2013 · 6 Comments

Henophobia is available on App Store

Henophobia is out, it is Free, so go get it now!

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Henophobia launches tomorrow!

Henophobia launches internationally tomorrow. Make sure to download it (it is free after all!) and check out how it feels to fight the aliens with the power of your two … Continue reading

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Scale 960pix Game Backgrounds to 1136pix iPhone

At the start of this post to make some things clearer, I probably need to explain that I’m not one of those people that quit their daily job in order … Continue reading

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Getting Art For My iPhone Game – Part 2

This is second part of the series of posts, which I’m writing as a countdown to the launch of Henophobia… Seven more days to go! As I said in the … Continue reading

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Getting Art For My iPhone Game – Part 1

As part of the countdown to the publishing of Henophobia, I decided to write several posts describing my experiences during the development of the game. At the start of working … Continue reading

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Susan and a hen

Before being promoted to alien fighters with her chickens, the farm owner Susan June Flannery was a pretty ordinary girl. That 1954 morning, before being visited by the army Lieutenant, … Continue reading

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Susan using the mech arms

Here is one more concept art image… It is of Susan June Flannery using the mech arms she was given by the Lieutenant.

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Henophobia Concept Art, Mech Arm

First prototypes of Mech Arms where developed by NASA in early 1950s. Behold, an early concept drawing by NASA engineers. (art by Rudolf Montemayor)

February 24, 2013 · Leave a comment

In Development – Henophobia

If you never heard about the alien invasion of 1954, it is because a strong farmer girl along with her hens fought off the alien fleet before they could do … Continue reading

February 18, 2013 · Leave a comment

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